A few things about me...


Hi there, this is me, Fen. 

I'm mama to this sweet little squish, Aarya. She's one of my favorite adventure buddies, a world class snuggle bug & as it turns out, one of my best teachers too! 

Born & raised in the English countryside, I've been lucky to call New York City & now Maui my home. I love the bright lights & bagels of the big city. I also love the ocean, the luscious greens & the abundance of island living. I believe in having compassion for all living things and that equality is something we are still working towards.

You can usually find me at the farmers market scoring locally grown goodies, on the beach, off on some epic hike, or just simply chilling with my little one. I love love love it when I have the opportunity to just 'be'. 

I'll pretty much always say yes to a camping trip, especially when good friends, a fire, music and wine are involved. Those that know me best will tell you I won't be going anywhere without a LOT of yummy food in my bag!

Over the years of being a photographer, I've found the thing that inspires me and makes my heart beat the hardest is when I get to capture love. Beautiful, Authentic, Love. The big moments, the small moments, the laughing, the playing, the dancing, the holding, the kissing, the tickling and all those lovely in-between bits that make each connection special and totally unique.

I'm so excited to meet you & hear all about what lights you up.

Let's get together & create something beautiful!